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We need your Help Froggy Country!

by Thomas

Froggy Listeners: You are all awesome! I've never seen or been a part of a more close knit community before. People here help out others, care for others, and have each others back and that is so awesome to see. Someone in Froggy Country is in need of help. Here is the story of Bricanna. If you can help, that's awesome. If you are unable to for whatever reason, that is fine as well, we understand! Thanks for checking this out.

Bricanna was born 6 weeks early. It was noticed that something wasn't right because she wasn't gaining weight properly & was having GI problems. She also suffered from severe acid reflux. After many trips to the Doctor they decided to send her on to the Mayo clinic in Rochester. They did a nissen fundoplication & g tube placement as well as genetic testing to figure out why she wasn't growing. Bricanna hasn't grown since December.

They found out that she has a rare genetic chromosome anomaly of part of the 8th chromosome, a triplication. She is 1 of 2 known cases in the world. She also has gluteric acidemia which is also a rare genetic disorder. That interferes with the bodies ability to break down proteins and fats properly. We have spent 2 months altogether in Rochester. They don't know much about the chromosome anomaly & can't tell us if she will be able to live a "normal" life or life expectancy. So far they only think it has interfered with growth. Bricanna currently receives 16 hours feedings through her G-tube in which she receives food for 16 hours straight to try to help her gain weight and grow properly.

She is a fighter & has shown the doctors, nurses and other staff as well as her family that she doesn't give up! She was doubted from birth, when Denver children's hospital gave her less than a 43% chance for being " normal " & surviving. Please help us find answers!

Here is the link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/cejop8

Thank You So much Froggy Listeners!