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by Thomas

Bigfoot Hunter Rick Dyer, claims he shot and killed Bigfoot back in September 2012, but wasn't able to prove it until now. Dyer claims to have had just about every test imaginable done to the body of this beast, and plans to hold a press conference soon to unveil his findings and results. He also wants to do a nationwide tour with the body. 

I guess this is the only photo Dyer has released which looks somewhat believable, but also makes you wonder why not a full body shot. Looks like Dyer is taking a page out of the “Selfie Handbook,” and only giving us a taste of the face. Another question raised, is just how did he get the beast? Well, Dyer claims he lured Bigfoot in with $200 worth of ribs, which then raises the question, why isn't Bigfoot’s face covered in BBQ sauce? You be the judge if Bigfoot is dead, still out there, or never existed in the first place and is just a hoax in order to make a television series titled, “Finding Bigfoot,” which somehow has been on Animal Planet since May 2011, even though they haven’t found a Bigfoot yet.