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Parmalee Album and Gunfight

by Thomas

Parmalee, consisting of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, Cousin Barry Knox, and lifelong friend Josh McSwain make up the foursome from North Carolina, bringing their own style of country to the table. “Feels Like Carolina” is the band’s latest album to hit the shelves, and I did my best to review it for you. A total of twelve tracks, including their current single, “Carolina” makes up the album. The album has an upbeat, good-time-having sound that makes you want to sing along with them. Listening to the album for the first time, I noticed that even though I had no idea what the lyrics were, I acted like I knew them, and wanted to join in singing. And for those that like to move their feet, this album supplies the soundtrack to do so. Overall, it’s not a bad album to possess, and since we are lucky enough to even have Parmalee around, you should do them and yourself a favor and get this album! The long story short on why I say we are lucky enough to have the band still around goes like this. The band was on their RV after a show, when two masked men attempted to rob them. The robbers had guns, and started firing and so did Scott (conceal permit), so a gunfight ensued. Scott was hit three times, including one to his femoral artery, causing him to nearly bleed to death. Scott’s returning gunfire killed one of the men, and the other man was arrested. Scott was in the hospital for 35 days, ten of which were spent in a coma. Given just a 5% chance to live that night, Scott miraculously pulled through and that is why we have Parmalee in our lives.