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Guy Gets In Trouble at The Mall of America for Being Generous

by Thomas

So what I gather out of this act, is that this guy is very generous and a good guy. Nobody was hurt, yet they ban him from the mall for a year, and charge him with disorderly conduct. I get it that it could have been potentially dangerous but for God’s sake, everything could be potentially dangerous! That is the most overused statement over something controversial.  I won’t even give those “what if” scenario people an example just to spite them, but just think of something you just did and I guarantee someone would have a scenario drawn up in which the outcome is so far worse. I don’t follow much of the media around the Holidays, but what I do tend to stumble upon are videos of idiots fighting on Black Friday for whatever reason you want to throw out there. So you cannot tell me that this guy disturbed anyone in a negative way. They should have taken a poll in the crowd, where the money fell like rain, and just simply asked, “Does that guy deserve any criminal punishment?” I would almost bet that 100% of the crowd would’ve replied, “No not at all!” But then again I could easily see people being upset because someone else made out with more money. I apologize for the ramble, but I guess what I really want to say is that, this guy didn’t do anything bad or wrong in my eyes! Certain people decided to make way too big of a deal out of it, and it’s sad.