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Gabby Loves Reflections!

by Thomas


This is my 3 year old black lab Gabby. Gabby is a handful to be honest, but she means well. If you can’t tell from my Vine video, she loves reflections, laser pointers, and anything else that can be flashed on a wall or floor. I actually think at this point in her life, love is an understatement. If you pick up a laser pointer in her presence, you've made a new friend. Her signature move is the ‘chomp’ as displayed in the video. It became clear early on in her life that she thinks she’s an alligator. It would have been nice to know prior to naming her Gabby, because the other name I had for her, was “Ally,” which would have made her nickname “Ally-Gator.” Oh well I guess. Gabby the Gator works for me…and her!