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Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

by Thomas

Thanksgiving seems to be more about the food and shopping deals than it does about actually being thankful for what you already have. To really know what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about, just take a second and clear your mind. Get rid of the anxiety of cooking a nice meal, entertaining guests, making sure the house is spotless and quit thinking about the money you are going to spend on Black Friday. Now with your mind blank, fill it with your memories of Thanksgiving dinners past. You'll most likely be painting pictures of turkey, potatoes, corn, ham, and of course the stuffing. Now that your Thanksgiving dinner is vividly reconstructed in your head, take away the food. What you are left with, whether it's sitting around the table, working in the kitchen, running around the house, laying down watching football, or even sitting at the edge of the table waiting for a hand to reach down and feed him/her some table scraps, is the real reason for Thanksgiving. Family and friends (pets included). I'm sure some wise man/woman once said sometime, "If you focus on what you don't have/can't have, you'll be miserable forever, but if you focus on all you do have, you'll be happy for life."