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Had a God wink lately?

by Lilly

Michael and I met a friend for dinner last night, we got there first and the hostess asked, table for four? I said no, just three, one will be joining us in a few minutes.
We ordered our drinks/appetizers from the waitress, who brought four plates/napkins/forks with her and placed them at our table. I removed one of the place settings while we waited a few more minutes.
Finally, ...our friend arrived and the waitress came back and asked if a fourth person would be joining us? We said no, and ordered our food, but still the fourth place setting was re-placed while we were getting our food at the buffet.
Great conversation and good food followed as we caught up with our friend, but in the course of the evening, this young waitress, who was obviously having a bad day, “vented” in her words, to us as we prompted her to confide in us.
I won’t go into what all she said, but on the way home last night, I asked Michael, “So, what did you think of our evening?” He said, “There was supposed to be FOUR people at our table tonight.” I said, “What makes you think, there wasn’t?”
The waitress did more than “serve us” our meal last night. She was a “God-wink”, a chance for us to reflect and look at the world, and ourselves in a different light.
I’ve heard people ask, “Where did you see God today?” which is a question I love to ask myself. Sometimes it’s obvious, as it was to us last night, sometimes, not so much. So as you pass through this day, and week, ask yourself, where is God showing Himself to ME today? Have a great week! 

Photo courtesy of TheProjectbyJudyworkpress.com