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Hail No!

by Cade

The Midwest was recently hit with a small hailstorm.  Auto dealerships, auto body and roof repair businesses are all over the air looking for your patronage.

But, according to Wikipedia, the hail we just had pales in comparison to some of the biggest, baddest, hailstorms on the planet.

On April 14th 1999, Sydney, Australia was hit with that country’s most expensive storm.  Hail damaged more than 20,000 properties, 40,000 vehicles and 25 aircraft.  Costs were estimated at $3.3-billion.

Chicago was struck with softball-sized hail that reached up to three-feet deep in places on May 18th 2000, causing $572-million in damage.  

Closer to home, Vivian, SD is home to the world’s largest hail stone on record.  It was bigger than a bowling ball.  Checking in with an 8-inch diameter and weighing nearly two-pounds.  This beast fell from the sky on July 23rd 2010.

As you deal with the aftermath of this latest storm, know that it could always be worse.

*images courtesy of: Pixabay.com