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Stave Is Good Enough

by Tom King

It waswas interesting to see some of the social media posts during and after the Badger game on Saturday night. Now lets face it, there are alot of morons and mouth-breathers who feel that they have all the answers on message boards and Twitter regarding any topic. So we should remember that, like alot of the verbal posturing over the Affordable Health Care Act, alot of what we read needs to be taken with 12 grains of salt. Many Badger fans don't like Joel Stave. They don't think the quarterback is any good...too slow...no arm strentgh...etc etc etc. Well, it wasnt Stave that lost the game on Saturday night, In fact it was Stave who had a career night against a top 5 defense on the road in one of the tougher places to play in the country. He took advantage of the Buckeyes loading the box to stop the run and threw for 295 yards. He cant play safety or cornerback (they struggled)...he cant play wide receiver (with the exception of Jared Abbrederis they are mediocre at best). Gary Andersen and his coaches see all of the quarterbacks at practice every day and they believe that Stave gives them the best chance to win. If the defense could have made an easy interception before halftime and if you take away all of the penalties (two that happened on fumbles) the Badgers probably win this game. Stave isnt Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning but he isnt Blaine Gabbert either.

With the season over now for the Milwaukee Brewers it's easy to see why they struggled. Ron Roenicke used 125 different starting lineups in the 162 games. The Brewers had only 3 starters yesterday from the Opening Day lineup. A constant parade of injuries and Ryan Braun's drug suspension ruined the season. Now the decision making process for next year begins. Hopefully that decision process includes Scooter Gennet as the starting second baseman and plenty of at-bats for Khris Davis.

You play 162 games and it isnt enough. Texas and Tampa will play one game tonight to see who gets to play Cleveland one game on Wednesday to advance. Baseball is too much of a random game to put so much weight on any one game...but it sure is exciting.

USC fired Lane Kiffin at 4:30 in the morning. Something tells me he wasnt sleeping much anyway.