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FFB Advice From An Almost Champion: Week 1

by Joe

Football is this week! That means you're running out of time to join a Fantasy Football League, so you have a few options: start begging your friends to start one or you can create one at work and play with your co-workers. Either way, you better get to it!

I had my draft's for the two leagues I'm apart of last week on Wednesday and Thursday, which NEVER happens. The Thursday draft was a 16 team league with people who have no clue how to play Fantasy Football so I didn't even bother making a gameplan. I just drafted who was best available and I'll hawk the waiver wires all season. This is the same league where I almost won the championship last season. 

The draft that I had on Wednesday was a bit better and this is the one I'll be discussing in this week's post. It's a 10 team non-keeper league, so each year you get to draft a whole new squad. I always try to draft some of the players from my team the year before and it usually works out for me. If you're able to do that, go for it because you know what those players (barring major injury) are able to give you week in and week out. 

I had the 4th pick in this draft and of course Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, and Aaron Rodgers all came off the board before I even had a chance to pick. I went with my gut and chose Tom Brady. Yes, most of his receivers are down or gone but Brady will put up numbers as he does every year. My next few picks went as such: Alfred Morris, Frank Gore, Roddy White, Jason Witten, Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Stevie Johnson

Here's where it got interesting/tricky: if you can get him, grab St. Louis Rams RB Darryl Richardson. With Steven Jackson in Atlanta this season, Richardson will get the bulk of the carries for the Rams and he did a reliable job filling in for Jackson last season. I got him in the 9th round, which is nearly a steal. 

I drafted all of the RB/WR slots I needed early and often, leaving me to pick a back up QB. Getting Joe Flacco in the 11th round is another great pick up, as most people think he had a fluke of a season last year and most of his weapons are gone. He throws a lot of passes to Ray Rice so that won't be too much of a problem. I ended my draft with D/ST and a kicker, as well as some minor fill in spots. Brandon Pettigrew, Broncos D/ST, Alshon Jeffery, Benard Pierce, and Dan Bailey are all solid pick ups. Pierce proved he's a reliable back up to Ray Rice and Alshon Jeffery is bound to make some noise playing opposite of Brandon Marshall

10 team leagues are easier to draft in as you will have a star studded starting line-up and then your bench will be great as well. If you can get any mix of the players I drafted, you should be fine to start the season. Next week we'll go over waiver wire pick ups and who you should be watching to start for Week 2. 

Just Plain Joe is a lifelong Atlanta Braves, Orlando Magic, Dallas Cowboys, and Michigan State Spartans fan. Follow him on Twitter @MixFMJoeShow and catch him weekdays from 3p-8p on 100.7 MixFM.