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The Cards are Angry About the Dodgers 'Disrespecting the Game' GASP!

by Jon Henseler

Well this is the least surprising story of all time. The only thing I'm shocked about is that it took until after game 4 for this to come up and not before game 1 even started. I guess they're pissed about Adrian Gonzalez admiring home runs and Yasiel Puig* generally enjoying life every time he makes a play (or doesn't, Puig is pretty much high octane no matter what). But this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. The Cards have been the self proclaimed arbiters of baseball decorum since they became a team. Forget about the Gas House Gang or the fact that Albert Pujols stared at his home runs at home plate like they were a 3-D art poster. But the second anyone starts doing beast mode or anything that resembles fun they have to chime in about how it's disrespectful. If it were up to St. Louis every team in baseball would react like a monk after any big play and have the personality of a piece of toast. 

I have to say though, Deadspin absolutely FACED them with this post the other day On a scale of one to ten this post goes to 11. It's not like other posts that stop at 10 (or in Strange Brew's case '6'), this one goes to 11. 

*You know who this kid reminds me of? Nyjer Morgan. Except he's got more talent times infinity. But he is basically the Cuban Tony Plush.

PS: I will say this about the Cardinals. You've almost got to respect them in a weird way. It seems like EVERY pitcher they bring up is a Cy Young candidate almost instantly. Consistently win 90+ games a year and are always contending. Cue the Mantooth.