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Well Don't You Just Talk On The Radio?

by Shawn

You're driving down 13th ave. just passing the I-29 under pass and there they are;  Giving you info on how to win 6 billion dollars next, tossing in a weather update, or even, attempting a joke (which hopefully you laugh at).  The almighty Radio Disc Jockey.   You think to yourself; Man, I would love that job. Listening to music all day, getting to go concerts for FREE, meeting all of your favorite artists, holding babies. Holding babies?

Yes, that's right.  Holding babies.  

DJs all over the F/M area, putting in countless hours of manual labor to entertain you, the listener. Holding babies at car dealership remotes, at the Red River Valley Fair, during a radio station tour. To think, there could be MORE THAN ONE baby.  Oh, the humanity.

Next time you think to yourself, those DJs have the best job ever.  Remember, that one of them may be holding a baby.  

Which may or may not be the best part of this specific Radio Disc Jockey's job.