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Tis The Season To Be Mary

by Shawn

As we prepare for another holiday season many of us are feeling the early signs of stress.  Stress caused by the in-laws coming over and wondering why you haven't updated the tablecloth since 1996. Stress from the kids being off from school and figuring out how you're going to entertain them, until they head back in the new year.  Stress over what movie you're going to watch...wait, what?  YES - Christmas Movies!  Do you have a favorite?  Maybe, you have a couple favorites and you're looking forward to watching all of them, but cannot seem to find the time.  

As we are officially less than a month away from Christmas Day 2013, I propose a challenge.  A challenge to watch ALL of your favorites between now and Dec. 25th.  When ever you feel the stress coming on over what you're going to get your cousin, what color dishes to use at this year's feast, or what color scarf you think your daughter will like better, just stop.  Stop what you're doing and pop in Elf, or Home Alone 2 or.....Christmas Vacation (does it get any better, I think not).  Not only will it serve as a well deserved break, it can also be an educational experience for your kids.  This honey, is what we like to call a VCR.