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The Wedding Reception Do's & Don'ts

by Shawn

You get home, check the mail and there it is.....decked out in its' decorative hand made envelope with a ribbon and stamp;  The wedding invite.  You are officially preparing to party the night away. Memories re-lived, amazing speeches and oh yes, FREE food (possibly an open bar, dude).   As you prepare to celebrate a night of marital bliss for your sister, cousin and/or friend, keep in mind a few of these simple tips to ensure you're the "hit" at the reception & not the best friend from high school who the newly married bride, wants to hit.  

Do:  Compliment the Bride & Groom on the lavish affair.

Don't:  Walk around the ballroom showing everyone how cool your bow tie looks.

Do:  Partake in the cha cha slide, Electric Slide and/or Boot, Scoot & Boogie.

Don't: Tell the DJ to play one of Cyndi Lauper's Greatest Hits because the Bride will TOTALLY love it and remember the one time you jammed out to it Junior year.  Trust us, she won't. Or, she'll be too busy walking around thanking everyone for coming and you'll be the only one on the dance floor.  Awkward.

Do:  Give an efficient heart felt speech & toast to welcome him to the family.

Don't:  Bring a two foot stack of note cards up to the head table and spend 20 minutes sharing every single summer vacation story to the 200 plus guests, and telling everyone about that one time Uncle Carl forgot you at Mount Rushmore.

Do: Have a beverage.

Don't:  Play a rousing game of "How many vodka lemonades can I drink, prior to open bar closing".

These are just a few tips, that if followed, can almost guarantee you a night of rented tux fun.