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The Beat Goes On.....Bohl Heading West

by Shawn

Coach Bohl is hours away from being formally introduced as the new head man for The University Of Wyoming Football Program.

The following was heard over the airwaves of Fargo's KXJB-TV Sunday morning:

"There comes a point where you look and say, 'The program has gone as far as what I as a head football coach can take that program,'" Bohl said. "No one really knows that other than the head football coach. There are lots of dynamics that go into these decisions . It's a complicated question, it's not an easy answer. But I can tell you, once you feel like your work is completed then it is time for you as a leader to step aside and let somebody else take charge."

With those words, Bohl confirmed what became common knowledge Saturday night: The coach who led Bison to back-to-back Football Championship Subdivision championships will leave NDSU for the University of Wyoming, a program that competes at the higher-level Football Bowl Subdivision.

Wyoming will hold a press conference to introduce Bohl at 6 p.m. Central Sunday. Bohl said he will meet the Cowboys team and athletic director Tom Burman while he is in Laramie. 

"I've personally always been very comfortable and liked that region of the country," Bohl said. "Our family has gone on many vacations and I went on trips out there when I was in grade school and high school. There is a whole host of things." 

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