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So Facebook, You're 10

by Shawn

So, today, is Facebook's 10th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Facebook. 

Me. 2004.

Let me go ahead and direct message you your cake.  No wait, I'll drive to Cashwise, run over to the bakery and snap a fun "selfie" of me and a bright blue cake then post it on your page.  I'll like it too. I will follow up said post and like, with a poke. 

Hours later, I will send you four requests to join me in a rousing game of candy crush.  15 minutes after that, I'll comment on your page, letting you know what I had for lunch.  Couple hours after filling you in on my thoughts of the luke warm ham n' cheese (which I of course would "like", because who doesn't "like" their own post), I'll go ahead and let you know that Home Alone, Back To The Future II & Superbad are my favorite movies. Family Matters & Full House are my favorite TV shows & let you know that my current feeling is ecstatic (insert over smiling face here). 

Facebook...what would we do without you? 

Just think, if not for you facebook, emotions wouldn't be changed based upon the number of "likes" we got on a comment or post.

Without you Facebook, thousands of college graduates would actually get hired for a job, because their, would be employer, would not find the album titled  "Laketime With The Besties"  or "The Nights We'll Never Remember".

Facebook, if you weren't a part of our lives, we would actually have to pick up a phone and literally speak to another human to find out what is going on in their lives, or even worse, make eye contact while asking them in person.....oh goodness, no.

For gosh sakes, Facebook, if you weren't here, how would we ever know the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE. Whoops, hold off on that one, we still don't.

Thanks for ten years, Facebook.  Here's to hoping you will not be around to get your drivers license.