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Paging The Love Doctor...Call Waiting On Line One

by Shawn

So, yeah.  It's Valentine's Day week.  The one week, in the middle of Winter, when we're all itching for shorts & flip flops, after the hypothermia subsides of course, when all of a sudden, awww crap.  I have to get THE perfect gift, or he (or she - the fact that I'm a dude, I'll go the "she" route for the rest of this chat) will think I am the worst person in the world.  

I present to you - Shawn's Almighty, kinda good, maybe, not really,  list of V-Day Gifts for 2014:

Option 1:

Remind the Mrs. of your amazing exterior illumination skills from just a few short months ago:

Nice job, Clarke. But, no.

Option 2:

Froyo?  Always a favorite. Especially, when the high temp of the day is -43 degrees.

Oooo Pretty colors....  good to use this one on any other of the 364 days of the year.

Option 3:

Maybe using the Ol' "Handyman" approach this year...

Look, it even stayed up. Nope.

Option 4: 

As you continue down the list of creative, unique V-Day gift ideas, you could always buy her something, that's she's always wanted.

'Cause really, nothing says I love you, like a brand new pair of 9 1/2s. No.

Option 5: 

We all know the closest way to a gals heart is choclate?  Should your Mom be a baker, I actually seriously, suggest going this route.

Getting warmer, but not quite there yet.  

Option 6:

Last, but not least.  How about just being.... you.  The you, she (or he) fell for.  The you, that gives her the funny feeling in her stomach that she can't describe. The you, that is totally fine with causing a small ruckus in the middle of Wal-Mart (or Kohl's), just to make her laugh. The you, that gives her the greatest sense of pride, knowing she's a part of your life. The you, that gives her the butterflies, every single time you see her. The you, that would do anything, just to make her happy.  The you, that feels helpless, when you can't. 

As this complimentary relationship consulting blog comes to an end.

I leave you with this.

This Valentine's Day, less roses and grande sized Polar bears (I know they're adorable, but resist); more hugs, more handshakes and more moment makings.  Moments that will stay fresh in both your minds, long after the last stems dry up. 

Should this not be good enough for said significant other - well, then why was she your Valentine in the first place?