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It Really Was "A Wonderful Night"

by Shawn

West Acres Mall presented "It's A Wonderful Night" Sunday night in Fargo. For a $5 donation (helping local fundraising organizations) shoppers had the opportunity to come out and shop, see performers sing and play music and take part in other holiday themed festivities. 

Our booth was set up to collect donations for the YWCA Toy Drive.  About twenty five minutes into my stay helping collect donations, a little girl came over to our table pulling Mom along with her hand.  "What are you doing?" she asked. When we let her know we were taking donations for the Toy Drive, she put her hand in her pocket and pulled out two nickels and three pennies, "Here, this will help", she proclaimed.

The pure look of joy that radiated across her face when putting the 13 cents into our donation box could have lit up half of West Fargo. It was a beautiful site to see. That's what the holidays are all about.

This holiday season, when we are all hoping to get a Xbox One or the newest iPhone, remember this; It's not about what presents we get in physical form, but what we get to see happen.  Families coming together, communities helping those in need.  Whether it's dropping a buck or two in the red kettle, holding the door for someone when you're heading into Target, or simply smiling at someone in line when you're waiting to get your triple mocha grande Frappuccino  with no whip. Notice the little things, it could turn out to be the best present you ever get. .