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Vanquish Treatment #2

by Mandy Morgan

I just had my second out of four 45 minute treatments with Vanquish. From the moment my treatment began to now (the next day), I have yet to feel pain or soreness. Which is AMAZING!!

Couple of questions I had last night. Since this Vanquish machine sits over the top of my stomach, will it matter if the person has an empty stomach?


What about when a girl receives her special time of the month? Will Vanquish affect that in any way?


I personally have been working out since my wedding is less than a month away on top of Vanquish. My appointment with the personal trainer was just after my treatment. Do I need to give my body time to "recover"?


Also, did you know that with the Vanquish treatment, with every session tightens skin. So guys, if you want to work on tightening your chest and reduce fat, It will definitely get rid of "man boobs". You`d be surprised on how many men have come up to me asking this question.

As for my personal results, it`s working!! The largest notice is in my jeans. Today has been the best/most annoying day because they don`t fit. I`ve been trying to keep them up all day. It`s exciting to see this since I`m only halfway done. Two treatments left.

This is what the Vanquish machine looks like up close.

There is also a specialist in the room with you the entire time to make sure you don`t get uncomfortable. They want you to relax. It`s 100% acceptable to nap, although as a radio DJ not talking is a challenge :)

They set up each room with beautiful lighting like this.

More results to come. Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have that I haven`t answered yet. In the meantime, I`ll continue to update you on what I notice with Vanquish from Rejuv Skin and Laser Clinic.