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Mandy`s Journey to Vanquish Fat

by Mandy Morgan

Have you heard of Rejuv Skin and Laser before?

It`s right here in Fargo located at:

3003 32nd Ave South

Fargo, ND 58103

It`s the only clinic you can go to in North Dakota to reduce your fat. They literally melt your fat away. Now, my first thought was, "What`s the difference between this and liposuction"?

Good question. It`s not going under the knife to get rid of problem areas. It`s not spending a fortune, it`s not going through a recovery process, there`s no pain, it`s getting rid of fat evenly, it`s toning your skin, AND takes just a half hour!! Want me to go on?

Rejuv has created a treatment called Vanquish to kill fat cells in a large area. That`s why Vanquish works so well. It works by using radio frequency waves that not only burn fat, but tighten your skin. Other places you my be freezing fat cells and/or focusing on small areas but you`re not killing them. You know the saying, "You are what you eat" or "Once a fat cell, always a fat cell"? Not true here. With the Vanquish machine, it melts fat to kill cells. They don`t come back.

So as I begin my journey at Rejuv working with Vanquish, I will be giving you updates on how it worked for me. My treated area will be the ever dreaded tummy fat. One of those spots that collects a lot of fat cells and hard to get rid of. Even if you work out as I do. Ladies, I know after being pregnant one of the main things on our mind is to get rid of that excess baby fat. This could be the option for you.

Or if you aren`t able to work out for whatever reason, this could be your answer.

Guys, this does wonders on love handles and the chest area.

There are always questions going into treatments like this. I will be your gunny pig and hopefully answer them in the 4 weeks to come. For example:

Does it hurt?

Do you need to workout at the same time?

Pricing for treatments?

Do you loose your appetite?

How many people are currently doing the Vanquish treatment in Fargo?

How fast you can see results?

What if I want to work from my knees up? Is that possible?

Videos and before and after pics are to come! In the meantime, checkout Rejuv Skin and Laser Clinic, here.