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VIDEO: 1 hour video of a cat enjoying a warm fire will warm your heart

by Dan Cash

In my second post this week about cats and the odd things that they do I would like to remind everyone that someone spent an entire hour filming this adorable kitten/cat relaxing by a warm fire.  Yes you read that correct.  There is a camera that was setup to simply stare at this kitten while it sticks out it's tongue, purrs, licks it's paws and frankly becomes a YouTube sensation by simply being insanely cute while becoming warm.

When I first came across this video I tried to think of anything that I would want to film for an hour and post it on the internet.  The only thing I could think of was...well...yes I guess this is something I could consider filming for an hour in order to post it on the internet.  

Confusion aside here's to this adorable kitten that really, really likes sitting by a warm fire on a winter evening somewhere in the universe!

Oh and in case you missed it...they pet him as well.  :)