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Babies shower

by Nikki Montgomery

When Bryan suggested I should have another baby shower I completely disagreed. I am one of those people that believes you have a shower for your first baby, but not after that. Many listeners chimed in and said that under certain circumstances it's okay and one of those circumstances mentioned was twins. 

After a while and Bryan continuing to push it I reluctantly agreed, but under one condition, no one bring gifts for me. Instead I wanted the gifts to go to charity. There are so many families that can't afford the necessities like diapers and formula when they have babies so I wanted this baby shower to help them. I also requested new books for the Literacy for Little Ones program which was started by a 6th grader in Stevens Point a handful of years ago which promotes reading to your newborns. 

Bryan took on the task of doing most of the planning. With a little help from Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital he set up an awesome shower. He organized some baby games and arranged to get the adorable cake pictured at the top of this blog from Trig's bakery. 

This morning we had the babies shower and it was fantastic. We had so much fun and so many people who work at the hospital stopped in to see us. We also had some other listeners drop in on their way to work and drop off their donations. We played a few games with some good sports from Ministry Saint MIchael's and handed out lots of Bryan and Nikki travel mugs.

Amidst all the fun we also talked to Lora Harris who I will be close contact with when the babies arrive. She is the lactation consultant at the hospital and she is also in charge of the new mom's class held every Monday at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in the Archangel Cafe. She is a great resource if you ever have any questions on breastfeeding. 

Jeff Martin, President of the hospital dropped in for a little while to talk about the 100th anniversary celebration going on tomorrow (Sat, Sept 14 from 8-noon) throughout the hospital and in the parking lot. There will be something for everyone and it sounds like it will not only be informative, but very fun too. 

One of the things going on as part of the 100th anniversary celebration community open house and health fair is a women's self defense demonstration put on by Dr. Ron Locascio. Dr. Locascio is a senior pediatrician at Ministry Medical Group in Stevens Point. He's been practicing at the clinic for 30 years. 

It was so great to meet so many more people at the hospital. I think we met someone from every department this morning and everyone was so nice. I couldn't be happier about my choice to deliver at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital Women and Infant Center in Stevens Point. Besides everyone being so nice it's a great place because they really have the resources available to help you every step of the way and they go above and beyond from the prenatal classes all the way to the on demand food service available during our stay at the hospital (oh and they have slushies in the Women and Infant Center). I have called the nurses and Lora Harris on numerous occasions and they are always willing to help and I get answers quickly even if I have to leave a message. Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital really is a full service hospital and I'm not just saying that because they sponsor this blog :)

If you want to know more about the hospital, departments or the doctors you should visit during the 100th anniversary community open house and health fair tomorrow 8-noon. Parking available in UWSP lot X.

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