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Movie Trailer Friday

by Matt Z

This weekend in wide release we have Enders Game, Free Birds and Last Vegas.   

Enders Game has big names and a lot of hype, but the reviews haven't been all roses    I'm a big fan of Ben Kingsley and Viola Davis.  I've cooled on Harrison Ford over the years and after I saw 42, I almost turned to ice.  He was very cartoonish in that one.  

Free Birds is an animated buddy comedy about turkeys.  

Last Vegas is another buddy comedy with some of the biggest actors in the biz.  They will all try to tell you that this isn't the Hangover for senior citizens, but lets keep it real, it 100% is.  

Here are some of the limited release films this weekend:

The Immigrant 

About Time 

Mr. Nobody 

Dallas Buyers Club 

The Pervert's Guide To Ideology

The Broken Circle Breakdown 

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