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Hello, My Name is Collin, and I have a Brad Paisley Addiction.

by Collin Taylor

Phew!  It felt great to finally say that out loud. I've first started my Brad addiction in the summer of 1999 when a friend told me; "just listen a little to this song", as he handed me the Who Needs Pictures CD.  He could see I was a bit nervous to grab it as I'd never tried this so-called "Paisley" before, so with an almost mocking tone, he said; "C'mon.  I thought you were a guitar player, man.  This guy will blow your mind".  Not one to be called out, I snatched the CD out of his hand and told him excitedly; "Yeah...I'm a guitar player alright. I use the good stuff like Vince Gill and Steve Wariner all the time.  I'm not afraid of your "Brad Paisley" as I walked back to my car.  I popped the first track off the disc and it felt good.  I figured if the first track was good, track two would be even better.  Before I knew it, I had listened to all 12 tracks in one sitting.  I had never heard guitar playing like that, and from there, my addiction began.  

The video below is mostly for guitar geeks or other BP addicts like me.  Brad explains a little about how he gets his sound and picks a little geetar.