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Tweet Froggy A Love Story for Jake Owen

by Mandy Morgan

In honor of the week of LOVE, tweet love :)

The Froggy Morning Show with Collin and Mandy are hooking you up with your Valentine gift this week!!  Win Jake Owen tickets every morning by tweeting a love story in 140 characters or less.





EXAMPLE:  Roses are red, Violets are blue.  The Froggy Morning Show loves country music...and you too #FroggyLoveStory

EXAMPLE 2: Boy sees girl at party and asks for a date.  Date for a year.  Elope 72 hours before he deploys to Iraq #FroggyLoveStory

We may even read your love story live on air!  Best love tweet will win a pair of Jake Owen tickets to see him March 21st at the Scheels Arena.  Winner will be announced on air :)

Make sure you hashtag #FroggyLoveStory


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