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Hi, my name is Mandy and my dog is addicted to toilet paper.

by Mandy Morgan

Being a pet lover, you come across a lot of crazy habits.  Some more serious than others.  From chewing on EVERYTHING to throwing up grass in your clean laundry pile.  I thought I saw everything until my English bulldog became addicted to toilet paper?

While toilet paper is high in fiber, it can lead to digestive problems.  Don`t panic if this is happening to your pet.  Here are ways to help them quit cold turkey:

1. Close the bathroom door and keep Kleenex out of reach.  Sometimes the best solution is the easiest one.

2. Take the toilet paper roll off the bathroom roll and keep up high.  If this is an inconvenience for you, consider installing a toilet paper roll in the wall 5 feet higher.

3. When your pet does get a hold of toilet paper.  DON`T make a big fuss.  Take it away from him quietly because a huge fuss will just encourage your pets attention seeking behavior.  Or it will make them more secretive.

4. Spray the toilet paper with bitter spray.  You can get this at any local pet store and drug store.  Although I don`t recommend this last one unless you are desperate. Just in case you have sensitive skin ;)

Hope this helps! I found my tips here.