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Easter Successes!!

by Mandy Morgan

You know that feeling when you try something new and it WORKS OUT!! It`s a rare moment for me. What worked for me this Easter weekend were...

Character eggs

TIP: A great tip on how to make the white eye on those minions is to color a white circle with a white crayon before you dip it in yellow or purple. An old family trick. Also, my own mother didn`t realize the TMNT masks were made of yarn. I hot glued colored yarn and wrapped it 4 times.


Fruity Pebble rice crispies in the shape of eggs!!

TIP: Make sure the plastic egg you use for the mold is sprayed with cooking spray. I realized if you keep them in the mold for a while, it was easier to keep shape. Otherwise they kind of fall apart.

I went one step further and dipped them in white chocolate. Aaaand just for fun, added sprinkles.

I`m not kidding you, these Easter projects were a hit for the whole family...and we`re all adults too! Hope they can be a hit for you too.

Did you have anything like this that was a hit for you this Easter?

~ Mandy