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Check Out The New Bartender Music Video!!!

by Mandy Morgan

I love that Lady A was able to get Kate Upton AND Tony Hale to be a part of this music video. Personally the most comical country music video since Toby Keith`s - Red Solo Cup.

I also heard that the Lady Antebellum guys, Charle and Dave have a man-crush on Tony Hale. Why? Because he`s super funny that`s why!! It`s proven in the music video tease AND music video featured below.

After shooting, Charles from Lady A commented, "Kate and Tony took what could have been just another music video to a really cool place. I mean, pretty much every guy in America is in love with Kate Upton".

Bartender is the first single from a new Lady Antebellum album. Charles adds the next project will be a departure from previous Lady A collections.