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A Positive Story To The Mannequins with Ribs

by Mandy Morgan

Taryn Brumfitt

This mother of 3, contemplated plastic surgery back in 2012. After having her kids she wanted to perk up her breasts and get a tummy tuck like many of moms out there consider. Although, she started to consider her daughter and what it would be saying to her about body image. How can you encourage a young and influential girl to love her body when you`re upgrading what you don`t like about yours.

She is now the founder of the Body Image Movement, encouraging women to love their bodies.

Her story here.

Much more of a positive story than the La Perla stores. Installing mannequins that show ribs. To the point where you can count them. Some outraged with thoughts that the store is advertising malnourished women.

Check out La Perla`s high end lingerie mannequins (and their ribs) here.