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The "Center of the Universe" is in Moorhead!

by Karla (Skeeter) Cantrell

In Tulsa, OK they have a round disk downtown and if you stand on it you hear yourself echo even though no one else around you can hear it. Everyone there calls it the "Center of the Universe" and for years I believed it was an architect's mistake, a thing that happened by chance but then...My daughter and I took off walking across the Concordia College campus in Moorhead, MN just to pass the time and take some pics of the glorious Spring Day and tah-dah....the SECOND "Center of the Universe" appeared!!! If you stand in the inner circle you can, indeed, hear yourself echo. You'll stand there singing, like a kid into a fan, laughing and having fun and people around you will look at you like you're crazy because they just can't hear it. Go give it a try but FIRST...check out my movie:)