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Country Music Association Steps Up Its Game :: Introducing CMA Awards 360

by Paul Heling

I don't think they ever envisioned this when they started handing out awards in 1967, but you'll now be able to get a second screen experience before and during the CMA Awards this year.   If you're still a first screen type person, and there's no problem with that, second screen simply means you'll be able to watch different camera angles of your choice on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at CMAawards.com while watching the main coverage on TV.

The alternate programming comes through 11 different camera views covering:

  • The Red Carpet - see all the fashions before the show
  • Backstage - three hosts will show you what goes on behind the scenes
  • Director's View - see what it's like in the control room
  • Audience Cam - See what the stars and crowd does during commercial breaks
  • Press Room - be there for the media Q&A after the winners leave the stage

They are calling it a choose your own adventure experience.  We're calling it cool.