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I Want to Thank Taylor Swift's Mom Andrea For Being So Awesome to My Daughter!

by Vanessa Ryan

My oldest daughter and two of her friends went to see Taylor Swift in Chicago over the weekend and they had a BLAST! They adore Taylor and her music and really look up to her. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she is a great role model. Polite, nice, caring, smart, talented, really beautiful inside and out. To have so many great values and morals I always assumed her parents had a lot to do with that, and I was proven right at the concert by Taylor's mother Andrea.

My daughter and her friends were seated to the right of the stage off the main floor enjoying the show, really having the time of their lives, when they were approached by security and asked if they wanted to move to the floor in front of the stage to watch the rest of the concert with Taylor's mom. They freaked and were so excited! Andrea told them she had seen them enjoying the show and wanted to get them closer to the stage. How sweet was that?!?!?

I'm grateful to Taylor for being one celebrity my daughters can look up to and grateful to her mom , for raising such a fantastic role model.

THANK YOU Andrea for making my daughter and her friends so happy!

Taylor haters can hate away, but this is one mom who will always love and support Tay Tay!